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The single girl on Valentine's Day

Love thyself this Velentine's Day

As Wedding Dance Diva, I am constantly surrounded by gorgeous couples who are about to take the walk down the aisle. As I'm teaching the Bride and Groom to be, I witness their smiles, the laughs they share, the glisten in their eyes, the unmistakable look of love, as it stares me right in the face week after week. I always think how lucky they are to have found one another.

It wouldn't be hard to be bitter, envious, jealous or disgusted by the love that keeps slapping me in the face. I have been hurt, broken and taken for granted in the past, heck I've been broken up with on Valentine's Day. I am 33 years old, the age where society expects one to be married and probably with kids. Yet here I am, single, never been married and teaching wedding couples their First Dance.

How lucky I am to be surrounded by love in my work

Despite what you might expect from a single girl on the mushiest lovey dovey day of the year, I actually love Valentine's Day. I don't care that hallmark and florists make a fortune, it's cheesy, planned, totally commercial and clichéd. I absolutely subscribe to any occasion which makes someone feel special. No I don't think you need a specific day to do it, but honestly how often would you go the extra mile for your loved one if we didn't mark a day for it? Valentine's Day is like my cover for what I would naturally do on a regular basis if it weren't for fear of being ridiculed!

I love being in love, I love soppy, cheesy, fairy tale love. I am a hopeless romantic with a big giving, happy heart. This year I have no plans for wallowing in self pity, or making snide remarks about those celebrating their love together. I will most likely eat too much chocolate, have a glass of wine and watch a romantic movie (just not 'The Notebook' because it makes my cry like a baby).

I have learnt a hard lesson about love, possibly the most valuable lesson of all.... to love myself. For me, a turning of events and heart break lead to a major re-evaluation of my life. It was then that I realised I'd been selling myself short for so many years. In learning to love myself, I now accept my strengths and weaknesses, make no apologies for the way I am, own my behaviour, and value myself and what I have to give like never before. I now understand how important it is to be happy without needing validation from someone else. I don't subscribe to finding someone to fill a hole, no way. I am single, stronger and happier than ever, working hard to make my dreams come true.

I think that being around loving couples brings a certain happiness to my heart. It's so fulfilling sharing a little bit of (my passion) dance knowledge with them, and I always leave my lessons with a huge smile. I love what I do, and feel honoured to contribute to my couples' big day. I have learnt to love who I am, be proud of what I've achieved, laugh at myself, find the positive in situations and put my happiness first. So this Valentine's day, I'll be grateful for all those happy couples, living out the fairy tale love story. This single girl will continue to admire those in love, keep doing the things that make me happy, and never give up hope that my happily ever after love is out there somewhere.

Wedding Dance Diva - Kylie

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