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How to choose your First Dance Song

Wedding Dance Diva happy couple Sarah & Chris!

I was inspired by one of my upcoming couples' recently to write a short note on picking your First Dance song. Not to scare you off, but keep in mind that the song you choose will stick with you for the rest of your married lives together. Every time you hear this song it will trigger memories and pull on your heart strings. If you are (and I hope you are) learning a dance to this song, you will hear it a hundred times before you actually do your first dance so be aware that you will be hearing your song over and over again! I do ofter get asked, "what song should we dance to?" and it is impossible to give a direct answer, as each couple is completely different to the next.

Your first dance song should be something that connects to you both, as a couple. Perhaps you've danced to it on a date, or you sing it together in the car, or a song from your favourite artist. It should have some meaning to you both, with lyrics that reflect your love or thoughts to one another.

It often comes to my attention that a Bride may take a particular liking to a song because the lyrics reflect how she feels about her future husband. Let's be reminded that a Wedding is a family affair and your First Dance will be witnessed by your Grandma, and your little niece and everyone in-between. I will make a suggestion to put your favourite 'bedroom' songs aside for this occasion, because I for one, don't feel overly comfortable creating a First Dance that is a seduction routine that best be done behind closed doors. I will say go ahead and request this type of song to your DJ during your reception when everyone is dancing!

For me there are several songs that make me cry instantly and therefore pull at my heart strings, I've listed 2 in particular below. I don't know if it's the lyrics or the melody but something makes me well up and get a giant lump in my throat no matter what I do. (I say this and also keep in mind that my future husband might be for example a die hard Beatles fan, and so then the compromise and search begins for something we can both share and enjoy!) 1. The way you look tonight - Frank Sinatra 2. The book of love - Peter Gabriel.

In my opinion it is also nice for your song to reflect your personalities as a couple. If you are a really fun and silly couple, you probably won't choose a serious romantic tune, but perhaps something a little more upbeat. Within reason and without offending too many ears, don't worry too much about your crowd and what they will think of your song choice, it is YOUR song, and YOUR wedding! Maybe you might need to think outside the box a little... Maybe you both like some hard core heavy metal song but this won't go down well with 90% of your guests, perhaps you can find an acapella or un-plugged version of this song?

Whatever you choose do enjoy the process, love your song, love dancing to it and love hearing it! Good Luck! Here is a list of top 20 songs this year, there are some songs that happen to relate to ALOT of couples, and that's ok, but you're also allowed to be original too!

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