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First Dance Choreography & Lessons
For Brisbane Couples

At Wedding Dance Diva we have something for everyone!

Start Here to choose your best option



You Want a Custom First Dance
Choreography, and you want to know exactly what you're doing from start to finish.

Custom First Dance Packages - custom choreography for your song - private lessons, no floor sharing


Online Tutorial - You'd like to learn a routine from the comfort of your home.

Songs currently available:
Lover - Taylor Swift
Missing Piece - Vance Joy

Come & Try group class - you want just 1 lesson, it's 45 mins learning the basic steps in a small group setting


Wedding Dance 4 week course - 4 consecutive weeks learning the basic steps, and fancy photo moments to use in your first dance - small group class

You Want To learn a few steps but not a choreography. Prefer to wing most of it.

First Dance Packages
These are Private Lessons where we custom create a dance to your song!

bridal dance lessons brisbane


 In these 3 private wedding dance lessons, we will custom create a simple and elegant routine to your chosen song. There will be some repetition to keep it easy to remember, you'll be learning at a fast pace and each lesson you'll learn at least a minute of choreography.
If you're short on time or want fast results, this is for you -

Bronze Package - $450

3 x 55 minute lessons

daddy daughter dance wedding


Short 'N' Sweet Parent Package $220

Not a choreography, we will teach you the basic steps, lead and follow, how to twirl and you'll be able to freestyle to your chosen song comfortably together.

2 x 55 minute lessons


Parent Dance $550

A Simple choreography, slow dance that will be lovely and easy to remember, to your chosen song. A probable tear jerker and a moment to remember with your parent for years to come 

5 x 55 minute lessons


bridal waltz lessons brisbane


In these 6 private wedding dance lessons you will master your very own custom routine with unforgettable highlight moments like lifts and dips!

With 6 lessons you'll learn at a slower pace than our bronze (3 lesson package) and we'll use a larger variety of moves.
Perfect for those wanting to take more time to master their dance.

1 Song  - Silver Package $720

6 x 55 minute lessons

If you want more than 1 song SEE HERE >>>
Spice it up with more than 1 song, a mashup or mix, perhaps a change of tempo even; this is the package for you>>>

Silver EPIC Package $770 

(music editing included 5 songs max)

6 x 55 minute lessons

first dance lessons brisbane


You want Everyone to Dance at your Wedding!

Involve your Bridal Party and family and enjoy some bonding time pre-wedding!

A full customised first dance to your choice of song/s learnt in 6 x 55min lessons AND

2 x 55min lessons to learn either a Bridal Party Entrance OR add a Flashmob (your bridal party/family) to the end of your First Dance  AND

2 x 55min lessons bring your parents along and they can learn to dance with you or with each other learning our easy to master, basic steps. 

Music editing included for either First Dance OR Bridal Party Entrance. 

Any Additional song editing charge applies

Gold Package $1270

10 x 55minute lessons total

Prices are subject to change.

First Dance Group Lessons 
Learn the basics over 4 weeks or just 1 lesson

4 Week Wedding Dance Course

For those who aren't keen on a choreographed Dance, but don't just want to sway for 3 minutes! 

4 x 50 Minute group classes to learn the basics, lead and follow, turns, dips, lifts or leans, and how to put it all together. 

Our course video is provided for your reference & practising!

(4 consecutive week's in a row)

Maximum group size 6 couples.

Course cost per couple $150.

Hendra location

Upcoming course start dates:

July 1st 2024

Oct 7th 2024

Come & Try  Wedding Dance Lesson

1 x 45 min Lesson

This is a Group Beginner Class for those wanting a little taste, or just 1 lesson.

You'll learn some basic steps and touch on lead & follow technique. We'll practise the steps to different song speeds. You'll realise just how easy it is to learn to dance!

Price per couple $50
Come & Try is offered several times a year

Maximum group size 6 couples

Hendra/Kallangur location

Upcoming Come & Try dates:

2024 dates:

May 6th Hendra

June 3rd Hendra

Aug 6th Kallangur

Sept 2nd Hendra

4 week course
come & try

Wedding Dance Diva is a Wedding Dance specialist providing First Dance choreography and lessons for the modern couple.   Your learning to dance experience will be in a fun, relaxed, supportive environment with your dedicated instructor.  No dance experience is necessary! Two left feet? No worries! We cater for everyone!


What to expect when you book a package:

Packages are private lessons with custom choreography for your song, and your ability.

During your first dance lesson, we will discuss your music, your goals, and expectations, and I'll assess your boogie skills!  We will also consider your floor size and surface, your dress, and your heels!  You will leave lesson 1 having already learned the basics and the first part of your song! Many couples learn between 30-45 seconds in lesson 1!

Your dance will be recorded progressively for you to take home and practise in between your lessons. Your music will be cut and combined if required for no additional cost.

At lesson 2 you will show us how good you are after all your practicing, and we will add on another minute of your routine.

No matter which package you choose, we will complete the choreography with 1 whole lesson to spare.  The final lesson is put aside to practise with your shoes, and a long dress or your actual dress if you wish (we'll hide the groom). The final lesson we will finetune, add the final details and run your routine over and over so that you know it inside out!

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