Couples' Classic Package:


A beautiful wedding dance made for you

6 lessons $570 



Couples' Epic Package:


For those more adventurous, start slow and then get into some fun!

Up to 5 songs can be used.

6 lessons $600 


Bridal Party

#Squadgoals Package:


Start with something romantic and then about 2 minutes in...

SURPRISE! Your Bridal Party get up and join in with a change of music. 


Have up to 12 people and 3 songs. 

6 lessons $650


Daddy-Daughter / Mother-Son Classic Package:


Traditional slow dance that will be stylish, simple and lovely.

5 lessons $450

Daddy-Daughter / Mother-Son Epic Package:


For those young at heart ... go from slow jam to funky.

Up to 3 songs for some

5 lessons $480 

First Dance Creations For Brisbane Couples

Wedding Dance Diva is a Wedding Dance specialist providing First Dance choreography for the modern couple.   Your learning to dance experience will be in a fun, relaxed, private, supportive environment with your dedicated instructor (no one else sharing your floor space or watching you).  No dance experience necessary! Two left feet? No worries! We cater for everyone!  

During your first lesson we will discuss your music and style of dance choice, your goals and expectations, and I'll assess your boogie skills!  We will also consider your floor size and surface, your dress and heels!  You will leave lesson 1 having already learnt the basics and the first part of your song!

Your dance will be recorded progressively for you to take home and practice in between your lessons. Your music will be cut and combined if required.

Kylie & the team are easily available for questions or concerns from start to finish. By the end of your 6 lessons you will have your very own complete dance with entrance right through to bow, you will have practiced with your wedding shoes, the practice hoop skirt if required and you'll be excited to show everyone what you've be working on!

Actual Wedding Dance Diva Students in action!

Listen to the guests reactions...

For any package listed above, additional lessons may be added at $80/hour, providing that all choreography has been completed.

Video is taken at the end of each lesson for the purpose of reviewing in-between lessons. It is recommended that each couple practice in their own time between lessons to maintain what they've learnt. Wedding Dance Diva provides short packages in order to deliver time and cost effective results, however the finished product is highly dependent on how much practice each couple puts in. Remember, you only get one "first dance", so just like the marriage you're about to commit to... commit to your first dance!

Prices are subject to change.


Phone: 0402 625 567

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