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Why the guys love dance lessons

It's no secret that the ladies love dancing with their man, it's the Cinderella feels that make their childhood fantasies come alive. Do the men not realise how happy this makes us girls? Do they not want to be seen as the Prince Charming in wifey's eyes? For ladies, learning to dance with their man for their wedding day is an easy choice to make, so let me break it down for the guys out there that are hesitant to get their boogie on.

First of all, dancing is not gay. Haven't you seen the Step UP movies? Dancing is hot! Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze.... not gay, nope just hot, super hot! A man who dances with a lady gets to be in control, he's in charge, its his game for manipulating, and she has to be somewhat submissive. Girls love a guy who can dance!

Secondly, dancing takes precision, discipline, timing, coordination, strength, agility and control. You tell me what athlete doesn't possess these skills to be good at what they do? Now add music and a girl.... and it sounds like a party!

Now it doesn't matter if you've never danced before in your life, that's what I'm here for. That's why you take lessons, and why I make sure you are as ready as you can possibly be for your day. You represent me and I will not have you looking silly or embarrassing yourself, your bride and your families on the biggest day of your life.

I've prepared couples in as little as 6 hours with a simple and stylish first dance that impressed their guests, and looks good in their wedding video.

What I do to make sure the guys love learning.

I teach the males their important role of leading and how to look good doing it! I believe in encouragement and positivity, always striving to boost my male students every step of the way. My role is also to play referee in this game of dance, so I blow the whistle and call timeouts if things start to get unfair. Above all I like to have fun and keep my students laughing. It takes the perfect mix of knowing when I can push, when I need to back off, and when to stop and laugh! I have been known to use some car related analogies to make sense of moves. Guys relate and process things differently to women and I keep this in mind when I'm teaching. By the second lesson guys start to realise that they have actually learned and retained material that they'd never dreamt of, just two weeks ago. You will see your progress instantly and this is very satisfying! What's also obvious is that guys... we actually need you. We can't do the dance or feel like Cinderella without you, you are so critical in this event. Im pretty certain that every guy likes to feel useful, needed, like the rock, the man who can support. At the end of it all, your Bride will adore you, your guy mates will be impressed, the girls will all think you're Prince Charming, your Parents and Grandparents will be proud, you'll get a very satisfying round of applause and you will experience an immense feeling of satisfaction and achievment!

What my actual Grooms have to say on the matter.

Brendan: For me it was a good opportunity to spend some fun time together in the lead up to the wedding.

Aaron: Realizing I'm not the one with two left feet haha and it was fun

Ed: For me it was doing something with my wife to be and chance to have fun with good friends. And to get to know both sides who they are and were they come from. (Ed and his Wife Toni had dance lessons with their entire Wedding Party)

Nathan: For me it was a couple of things ... 1 for my grandmother who wasn't there but it was her wish to see me dancing happily on the day. 2 a good opportunity to actually surprise everyone and look half decent rather than the old box step that you see and not just do a formal waltz and be able to look back on a funky personal dance for the first dance and 3 get to meet kylie and have fun

Jason: For me, the surprise dance, every one was shocked ! And spending quality time with Lana doing something new

These Grooms looked fantastic on their Wedding day, nailing their First Dance and loving it! So guys, I hope this inspires you to choose wedding dance lessons. You get one song to make a statement to the world as a new couple, let me help you make it awesome! :)

Kylie - Wedding Dance Diva

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