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Want that WOW Factor?

Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on their wedding for it NOT be remembered by their guests the moment they leave! I can definitely put my hand up and say for my wedding I was personally looking for MORE things to impress my friends and family, trying to make sure everyone had something fun to do, invite more interaction and make things memorable. There are many ways this can be done, and most of them aren't personal in the sense of.... they don't directly involve the Bride & Groom/Bride & Bride/Groom & Groom.

What am I talking about? OK, so you could book a magician for cocktail hour, or an adults jumping castle, or a live painter, or outdoor fireworks display. There are all awesome ideas to add interest to your day for sure. You've also got: lawn games, photo booths, lolly buffets, wedding guest bingo, the shoe game, and late night snacks to add to your list of possibilities.

But what about the FIRST DANCE? Your family and friends are at your wedding to celebrate the love between you and your fiance. They will notice the cute moments you share together throughout the day, the cheeky winks, the laughs and smiles, those magical moments that shout "gosh I love you". When you take on a First Dance together it displays the team work, the dedication, the time invested together and the deep connection that you share as a couple, into a visual display for everyone to witness. It's an opportunity to really show your vibe as a couple, to let your personalities shine through, and a true moment that people will remember and talk about for years to come.

Have you ever been to a wedding where the couple just swayed in the middle of the dance floor for 3 minutes, and it was awkward to watch? It's not enjoyable for anyone, and the guests are thinking about when they can creep off to the bar again for their next beverage. Don't be that couple! I've seen so many couples that have the beautiful "dancing on a cloud" effect, and the indoor sparklers which look amazing, but the couple are just awkward swaying on the dance floor! WHYYYYY? If you're going to go to all that trouble, make it look incredible and learn a few dance moves!

Make it fun, make it romantic, make it a mashup! "You Do You" out there, let us see your flavour, make your mark as NEWLYWEDS, show your nearest and dearest your love for one another through your FIRST DANCE! Make it a WOW moment! You'll look back and be so proud of each other for achieving something so special together, and you'll cherish the moments you invested in the lead up

to the wedding whilst you were nailing it!

Queensland Brides featured Wedding Dance Diva in an article titled "Dance The Night Away". Check out the article and more inspiring photos at the link below!

Wedding Dance Diva can help you create that WOW factor for your wedding. If you're a Brisbane Couple, we have 2 Northside locations to choose from - Kallangur and Hendra. Learn your wedding dance in as little as just 3 hours of your time! We offer short packages that deliver incredible results, with no dance experience needed! We've helped hundreds of couples create that WOW factor and we've heard the guests reactions through the videos we get back of the event! You will make your parents cry, you will make your friends cheer, hoot and holler, and undoubtedly, you'll leave everyone smiling and remembering the love for each other you just displayed.

Kylie x

Wedding Dance Diva

Dream team for this incredible photoshoot:

Concept & Dance @weddingdancediva // Photographer @everlaststudios // Shoot Venue @victoriapark // Dress, Hair Comb & Suit @whenfreddiemetlilly // Make Up @sparksmakeupartistry // Dance floor & Effects @gmeventgroup // Jewellery @michaelhillj // Stylist @beautifulweddingsaustralia


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