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Why you should invest in a First Dance

Couples who dance together stay together

Weddings are so expensive, that's a no-brainer. So why should you spend money on a wedding dance when you could just shuffle about with your own moves?

Ladies, let's be honest. How many decisions do you think your man will actually make on the details of your day? Will he say, "just pick whatever you like", and let you make most of the decisions? Let's face it, you know you're going to be the one doing most of the choosing on your own. Now your First Dance... that is something you should invest in, because you can truly say you did together! It takes two to tango! This is your moment to show a joint effort, to display your commitment to each other, to be both equally involved as a couple, and to show the world what a beautiful partnership you have. Let the man of your dreams be a really big part of your day and allow him to feel like he contributed in a meaningful way.

Of all the things that cost money on your big day there are only a few things that you can take with you.... Your photographs, your videos, your dress and shoes (which you most likely will wear once) and your rings.

There are many things you invest in for the day that you need - a celebrant, a venue, a cake, the decorations, a DJ etc.. these things are necessary for the day but take little lasting effect post wedding. Why not invest in an activity that you can enjoy together, that will be a feature in your wedding video, that represents you as a couple, and teach you a skill that will last a lifetime?! Your First Dance is something you will treasure forever, something special and uniquely yours, a physical keepsake. Who knows, maybe you will dance it each year on your anniversary?

Now everyone would agree that being prepared for a situation is much better than dealing with the fear of the unknown. You wouldn't drive a car without first taking lessons, why would you take your First Dance as Husband and Wife any less seriously? Some couples are terrified of looking silly or foolish on the dance floor, but I'm here to tell you - that's what I am here for! A little preparation, 1 hour a week for 6 weeks is all you need, and you'll have a moment between you that you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

I don't know anyone who has regretted learning to dance with their partner. A good teacher will provide a fun, secure atmosphere for their couples, and make sure they are beyond ready, comfortable, confident and looking fantastic, regardless of how little experience you may have. Learning to dance takes a commitment from you both, but so does a marriage! The wedding dance is a highlight of your day, and will be talked about by your adoring guests for months! The experience and memories you will share together whilst learning your first Dance will have a lasting impact and be remembered long after your wedding day. You should invest in a First Dance, because you and your Hubby will treasure it for ever! You won't regret it!

Kylie - Wedding Dance Diva

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