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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book in?
    All bookings are made on our online live booking calendar. Link here:
  • How do I check availability?
    It's all Live on our calendar, if you can see a date and time, then it's available to book! click here to view ONLY! No bookings via this page.
  • When should I start my lessons?
    Most couples start about 12 weeks prior to their wedding date. Some like to start earlier and space their lessons out once a fortnight. If you partner is fly in fly out you may want to start 4 months prior. Emergency lessons we can make an exception for, pending our availability we can squeeze 3 x 55 min lessons in the space of 2-3 weeks.
  • What if i've never danced before and have 2 left feet?
    No problem! We will create something that suits your ability. Dancing is like learning a new language, the more you practice the easier it becomes. I have a way that makes it fun for everyone! Whatever your background or dance ability, we will come up with a plan together that's right for you. I take pride in my work, and I will not put a couple on the floor until they are super ready and confident. This is also why I don't do "crash courses", they don't deliver the quality nor make the couple feel confident! Check out some of my "real couples" videos, no one has had prior dance experience, all with great results!
  • How do you know I'll only need 3 or 6 lessons?
    A. During your first lesson, I will be able to see how quickly you are learning, this allows me to create a routine at suit your ability, no matter what level you are at. We will include some repetition and/or simplify your moves to make sure we progress with the required momentum to complete your dance within your timeframe. It is recommended that you practice at least 3 times a week in between lessons for maximum confidence and your enjoyment! If you're still struggling after your 3 or 6 lessons we can book you in for additional lessons as required for just $80 a session.
  • What if I need more lessons though?
    A. Once we have completed your routine, you can always add extra lessons if we feel you need more practice! Although the steps may be easy to learn, the more you practice, the more confident you'll be. The most effective tool when learning anything new is repetition and consistency, booking your lessons once a week or fortnight has proven to give the most promising results. Extra lessons will be charged at $120/hour
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    A. Casual clothes you are comfortable to move in. Bring shoes you are secure in, ladies no stilettos, please! You will practice in your wedding shoes later on in your program, not right now. Men, shoes without a huge mountain of tread (this will make you stick to the floor and potentially cause injury), worn down sneakers or leather sole is good. Bring a water bottle, and your diary/phone so we can plan when your lessons are!!!
  • Where are you located?
    A. I cater to awesome couples in Brisbane and the North Side areas. Schedule: Monday / Tuesday / Thursday at Hendra Monday at Kallangur Albion tba - Hiring for this location - Do you want to join our team? Wednesday at Windsor **If these days don't suit you please email** Additional cost may be incurred to teach outside of our listed hours. Please note Saturday time slots on the booking calendar are strictly for Hen's Dance Class only. Hen's class location Springhill/Newmarket/Paddington/Hendra. Other areas can be arranged at own cost.
  • How do I pay for these super fun tailer-made private dance lessons?
    A. All payments are made through Acuity website. You'll make a deposit upon purchasing your package. Then charged once every fortnight until your package is paid for. Most clients will have made partial or full payment prior to commencing lessons. Any untaken lessons are non refundable. All payments are non-refundable. * Please note prices are per lesson not per person! **Single additional lessons will be charged at $120 per hour.
  • What if I need to cancel a lesson?
    A. Time is precious when you're planning a wedding, I understand things can unexpectedly happen from time to time. I also know the closer the wedding date, the higher the stress levels can become. This is why I suggest starting your lessons at least 2 months ahead of your wedding date, Do not leave it until the last minute! To change/reschedule/cancel your appointment: 1/Check your emails for your appointment confirmation, 2/ there will be a button to reschedule or cancel 3/ if within 24hrs you will not have access to cancel - you will need to contact Kylie and there will be a cancelation fee of $50. Please contact kylie via text on 0402625567 if you're rescheduling within 24 hours, this will incur a $50 fee.
  • Can I just get one lesson?
    We pride ourselves on teaching quality, simple yet effective, routines which can not be learnt properly in 1 hour. Past experience shows that one lesson actually makes the couple MORE nervous, than if they'd not had any lessons. If you'd like a taste test/just 1 lesson - please book a "come & try" session which we hold several times a year.
  • Can I practice in my wedding dress?
    Yes absolutely! We will leave Hubby in another room for a hot 10 mins while we practice your dance once/twice/thrice to make sure there are no complications! We'll do this at your final lesson. Also available is our practise Hoop Skirt, you can borrow to wear during your lessons at any time.
  • Can you come to our hotel or house?
    A. Hen's dance class will take place at either Spring Hill, New market or Paddington depending on availability. There are bathrooms for your convenience and changing. Public Liability Insurance covers public spaces and the locations we use have a proper floor surface for your dancing safety.
  • What happens in class?
    A. The class structure is as follows: Group photos with Bride to Be/Birthday Girl. 1 song for warming up our bodies. 2-3 songs some simple short combinations. Then we learn about the first minute of the single ladies film clip/ sexy heels routine ! Filming of the Final Performance! Photos and Boomerangs with group.
  • Will we get sweaty?
    A. The Single Ladies choreography is not high intensity, there is walking and medium paced moves but no jumping involved. Some of the locations have air-con to keep you cool. You will get warm and your heart rate will increase as this is a dance class. (Feel free to watch the single ladies film clip to see what's involved!) Whether you get sweaty or not may depend on each individuals' fitness level and how hot the day is!
  • What do we wear?
    A. Just like going to Yoga class, or Barre class, or Pilates class, this is a dance class and you need to be able to move freely without restriction. Please wear tights, leggings, yoga pants etc, and a t-shirt or active wear top. (short answer: active wear & sneakers!)
  • Can we bring alcohol and nibbles?
    A. You will only be dancing for 1 hour 15 minutes maximum, you will get a 2 minute drink break for water to keep hydrated. It is highly recommended that you plan for food and drinks AFTER the dance class. Please bring water only, we are not licensed for alcohol. NOTE: YES you can if you book the package with Simply Kate Head Quarters at Northlakes.
  • How can we plan this dance class around other activities?
    A. You can book any time of day after midday for your dance class. If you schedule 4/5pm class, many groups bring their evening outfits with them and take 10 minutes after class to freshen up (baby wipes, deodorant, and face powder usually does the trick). Have one boyfriend or non participating person take your active wear & sneakers after class so you don't have to carry any excess to your evening activities. This is a great way to work up an appetite before dinner!
  • Can we have non participating people watching on the side?
    A. I have had pregnant ladies, grandmas and mums participate in this dance class, even someone with their arm in a sling! We film and take photos for you so you don't need to worry about getting your class recorded. Generally I find that the group can get particularly self conscious when there are on-lookers, it is best to have non participants meet the group afterwards if possible. Prefer not, however if Mum or Nana insist, we can pop them on a chair in the corner.
  • How do we pay?
    A. Only $60 deposit is required payable by Credit Card on this website (Book Online page) to secure your date and time. If you have less than 10 ppl the cost will be $250, YES you can have guys too if your party includes males! The balance will be required 1 week prior class. I will email you for your final number count and send you an invoice, payable online with credit card. Yes it's only $30 per person!
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