Wedding Dance Lessons for Brisbane Couples 

Congratulations to all the newly engaged Brisbane couples out there! 

Do you have 2 left feet?

Hate watching the dreaded Sway and Wobble?

Would rather clean the shower than have people watch you dance?

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of learning a whole routine?



If you:

  • Don't know what a foxtrot is 

  • Don't want to embarrass yourself doing your First Dance

  • Do want to have some fun and laugh in your lessons

  • Hubby is really unsure about this but will do it because he loves you

Then read on...  Learning your first dance is easy and nowhere near as scary as it first seems.

Our team ensures you get your dream dance and have a great time too!

From as little as 3 lessons you will be on your way to dancing like a star. 

"We would like to sincerely thank Wedding Dance Diva for taking us on at such short notice. At first we thought it was all about the destination (the dance) but soon realised it was the journey that we loved the most!"                                                 Yasmin & Aaron

No experience necessary, nervous grooms never fear, the Wedding Dance Diva team will have you leading with confidence in no time.  

In 2020 Wedding Dance Diva will offer evening lessons at :

Albion on Monday's & Wednesday's

Kallangur on Tuesday's  

Our most popular packages are $600 and under (6 hours of tuition), however, we are now also offering an emergency package!

We encourage #notyourmothersweddingdance  - so if you are a fun couple and want some personality in your dance, want to do a mix of cool songs, or have a flashmob at the end of your dance - we are your people!   If 'sweet and simple' is your cup of tea, we will create something to be just that! We have an option for everyone, no matter what your flavor!

Bride & Groom, Bride & Bride, Groom & Groom...

We believe that everyone should have their own perfect First Dance! 


"I had never danced before other than some drunken moves and was apprehensive about taking dance classes. I didn't know what to expect but by the end of the first lesson we'd learnt the first part of our song. By the end of our lessons I felt confident we'd have a good performance on our wedding day. I enjoyed it more than I thought and would recommend learning to dance to any couple."

                                                                    Brendan Long


Phone: 0402 625 567

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