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"Missing Piece" Online Tutorial


One of our most popular songs is Missing Piece by Vance Joy. We have created a simple yet effective, beautiful routine you can learn from home, at your own pace. No dance experience needed! This routine has been taught to several beginner level couples within 3 hours, which makes it very achievable. It includes all the favourite moves such as dips, twirls, leans and lifts (optional), great for photo moments! You will wow your guests with this lovely, elegant routine! The instructional video is broken up by verse, pre chorus, chorus, Verse 2, pre chorus and ending. We've made it simple to follow along with onscreen prompts as well as voiceover, and each part is demonstrated with and without music. You can play, pause and repeat the videos as many times as you need. The full routine is demonstrated at the end of the course, front facing for your inspiration! The total routine is 2mins 40 sec, and we've included the music for you to download and use. We've also included a downloadable step sheet for those who like to read what's next. Remember to have fun with each other, and that most couples need to do each step about 10-15 times before it feels really good and comfortable. Practise really does make perfect!



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