Online dance courses vs in person tuition



Ahhhh the age of internet and online courses in everything from how to make scrambled eggs to learning your first dance. You know how Doctors strongly dislike it when you self diagnose from the web? Well I am not a doctor but I relate to the feeling when I see couples attempting to learn to dance online. I'm going to put down some pros and cons of learning dancing online for you to decide for yourself.

You can learn in the comfort of your own home. Wow fantastic, this is great! Your home is also where your TV, computer, dishes, dirty clothes the pet, comfy couch and a hundred other distractions are waiting to temp you to do other things!

Your home is most likely not conducive of a dancing environment. If you happen to have a dance floor and mirrors and high ceilings then awesome, go for it! Otherwise you may struggle to have a useable space, the floor surface or surroundings may even cause you injury, and you're much more likely to be distracted at home.

You can learn when ever it suits you. Cool ok, you could also go to the gym whenever it suits you, but do you actually go? Statistics show that you are more likely to attend an event if you have pre-committed to it. As humans we tend to not like letting people down, and so when you are accountable to someone you will more than likely show up! Oh look, the footy is on, I'll just watch this first and then we can dance. Oh, now I'm tired, let's do it tomorrow. Unless you are a super self motivated person I do not recommend paying for online lessons that may very well go to waste.

Access to unlimited questions and support from instructors. Excellent! How would you even know what questions t