Beyoncé Single Ladies HEN'S Dance Class

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Serious Bride Tribe Goals

Surprise your Bride to Be with this fun dance class! Work up an appetite before you head out for dinner, the perfect way to get the girls laughing and having a good time!

Fearless Female Fun

Get groovy with a room full of gals. Do something that scares you once a week! Exercise is good for the body and the brain. You may hit a thought of genius whilst you're mid move! 

Bootylicious Bonding

Dancing releases feel good endorphins, reduces stress levels and promotes creative thinking.

Take a break from the desk, and get physical together!

Beyonce Dance Class - Wedding Dance Diva

Watch the demo below to see how much fun you'll have! 

Video by Shea Smith, 44 Gallon Films

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Grab your girl squad and get excited Brisbane ladies!  Are you looking for a fun hen's night activity that doesn't involve a stripper? A 21st or 30th birthday party idea? A girls only corporate bonding sesh? Just want a fun, girls only dance class, exclusively with your closest friends?  Why not book a private, 1.5 hour Single Ladies dance class?!  You will be feeling fly and totally bootylicious learning all the sexy Beyoncé moves from Single Ladies ... which is totally perfect for a bachelorette party (just saying)!  Book your late afternoon class, then head out for your dinner and drinks ... when you're ready to hit the dance floor, you already have some great moves to show off! No dance experience necessary!  Any special occasion with a ladies group is perfect!  One of several locations within proximity of Brisbane CBD can be arranged (subject to availability) so you can easily party on afterwards!

Included in your Single Ladies Beyoncé dance class:

1 hr 20 mins of dance instruction of Beyonces' Single Ladies choreography.

10 mins warm up with simple short combinations.

Group photos & Boomerangs

An awesome time, lots of laughs and plenty of sass!

Price: $28 per person - minimum booking of 10 people.  

Active wear and sneakers recommended.

On request different themed dance classes are available for eg: Michael Jackson, 70's disco, 80's, TikTok

See what you'll be learning here!

Hen's Dance Class! Check out some of these sassy ladies working it! #squadgoals 

New classes added: 80's & TikTok!

I love 80's Dance Class!

I Love 80's!

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There is a range, as certain services entail additional fees. Generally, tuition runs between $20,000 and $23,000 CAD.

How many students go to WillowWood?

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We cap classes at 16, and they are often smaller.

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We do. We follow Ministry rules, so the mandated number of hours and achievements is not flexible – but we’re happy to discuss and find solutions that will make school work with extracurricular activities.

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We strive to teach mindful, appropriate use in school. In Lower and Middle, this manifests as a ban most times, with moments of interaction at teacher’s discretion. In High School we strongly limit use in classes, and engage in a continuous thoughtful discussion about technology and health in general.

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